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We Serve...

Statistically, we see that in more low-income areas, the issues that fathers face in many facets increase tremendously. With Major League Dad we focus on the mental, emotional, and physical issues surrounding fathers in low socioeconomic areas. We hope to build up and serve all fathers dealing with issues that can affect the confidence of fathers in these areas. Too often we settle or lean towards the societal narratives that have been built without actually serving fathers and celebrating fathers as being pillars in their families and community. We support all races, ethnicities, and cultures in dealing with fathers, but we focus on fathers in these targeted areas that tend to be occupied by more black and brown fathers, to defeat the narratives and build phenomenal fathers.

Our aim is to support fathers, build fathers, and allow them to understand their own stories as they prepare and walk through their own personal stories of being a father. We look to support and walk with men in a holistic way as they, prepare and walk through the role of being a father. 

As we continue to build phenomenal fathers, we will see families flourish and communities strengthened. 

Who We Serve: Meet the Team
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