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Building Phenomenal Fathers 

  • We offer training for fathers and father figures. The training that MLD offers helps create an understanding with the framework that a father needs to be as healthy as possible to be able to be the best father they can be. We also offer staff training who would like to understand how the dynamics of serving fathers in low-socioeconomic areas and communities. Whether a pastoral staff, corporate organization, or community organization. MLD offers a specific experience in reaching fathers and their families in targeted communities. We offer opportunities of growth through relationship building and community fellowship. The sessions we offer can be individually based or group sessions. All curricula can be adjusted to fit any and every father with an aim at communities of low socioeconomic status to promote, celebrate, and build phenomenal fathers.

  • Mentoring groups of young men ages 10 and up. We partner with schools to offer mentoring in schools as well as individual families to provide an example of a father to help build young men up. We can't expect men to "step up" and be amazing fathers if we don't first "step in" and provide examples, relationships, and community. 

  • Offer Living Expenses to fathers and families in need (rental assistance, utility assistance, etc..) Oftentimes, single fathers or men looking for assistance or going through tough times don't have as much access to public assistance. We try to provide basic needs to help fathers grow and be able to be confident and provide what they want for their children and families.  (Application Required)

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