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Building Men to be great Fathers and Leaders in our Families and Communities



God has allowed me to work and serve men in mental health, sports, the pro-life movement, and pastoral ministry for over a decade. My main experience has been in the pro-life movement and serving pregnancy centers along with bringing awareness to the role of men in dealing with crisis pregnancy situations. I've been able to work with both new and current fathers. I've seen the need for men to understand who they are, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and the importance of meeting those needs when transitioning into the role of being a father. I long to see a world filled with fathers striving to be a Major League Dad!



Meaningful Relationships, Gainful Experiences, Long-Lasting Transformation

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Serving in The Community

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for young men to be able to understand their God-given worth, and to be given a framework of understanding their past, present, and future by connecting family relationships through nationally accredited training as well as in-depth mentoring and involvement with each person served.


Speaking, training, and engaging people to see the influence, and overall need for men to be involved in the Pro-Life movement.

I look to share over a decade of experience working in the local pregnancy center, churches, and community settings in making known the influence of men in the decision process. Banquet speaking and tailored trainings can be arranged.


Support for new Father's as well as Post-Abortive Father's

Gary Freeman has pastoral ministry experience as well as theological training by gaining a Master's of Arts from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I would love to walk with a new father to help with the emotional and practical approach to being a new father. Also, if a guy has gone through an abortion experience dealing with the emotional and physical aspect of that as well.


Fathers aren’t just a good addition to a family unit, fathers are part of the design of the family unit. Whenever a part of a unit is missing the unit suffers and ultimately has to make up the difference. If we want to see revival in our homes, in our communities, in our land...let’s promote the healthy father.

Gary J. Freeman



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