Father and Daughter


Building Phenomenal Fathers



God has allowed me to work and serve fathers, youth, and families for over 20 years.  My aim is to work with fathers in a way that brings awareness to their own fatherhood story, and how we can build towards being phenomenal fathers to their children. Becoming a husband and father has shown me in many ways my own faults. I thank God for a patient wife and amazing daughters who have been a huge part of my own healing. I believe it's important to understand our own fatherhood stories and how that affects how we father. I want to see phenomenal fathers leading in the family, in our communities, and our world.



Meaningful Relationships, Gainful Experiences, Long-Lasting Transformation

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Serving fathers and their families through programming in communities, schools, and partnerships with other organizations. We aim to provide a healthy view of fatherhood through classes (Fathering In 15), mentoring, and  working directly with potential fathers, new fathers, and existing fathers.


We offer an amazing curriculum called "Fathering In 15". This curriculum helps fathers understand and deal with their fatherhood story and what that looks like in their current effort of fathering. Major League Dad looks to help fathers in need by walking with them in their everyday lives. Whether housing assistance, employment assistance, or childcare needs, Major League Dad looks to provide emotional, physical, and material support in order to help fathers gain confidence in providing for their children and families long-term.


Fathers aren’t just a good addition to a family unit, fathers are part of the design of the family unit. Whenever a part of a unit is missing the unit suffers and ultimately has to make up the difference. If we want to see revival in our homes, in our communities, in our land...let’s promote the healthy father.

Gary J. Freeman



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